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9 Sep 2019. Their Vlive variety show 'Super Junior Returns 3' will show the behind the scenes stories of their comeback. The previous seasons were successful because even non-fans was able to enjoy the group's innate talent for variety.

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18 Mei 2018. Penggemar pasti tahu jika dalam rangka comebacknya beberapa bulan lalu, Super Junior membuat reality show yang berisi member boyband SM Entertainment itu. Reality show tersebut memperlihatkan keseharian para.

SUPER JUNIOR's Heechul & Kibum To Reunite In Variety Show. Karen Jane Ng. Posted at September 05, 2019. This is not a drill, ELFs! Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum are reuniting in a new variety show next week!

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SHORE NOTES: “BRINGIN’ DOWN THE HOUSE”: An award-winning show featuring. s finest junior golfers. Reservations required.

They can sing, dance, and make you laugh! Multi-talented members of Korea's representative idol group Super Junior have created the variety show that.

3 Jan 2018. Super Junior dikabarkan akan tampil di variety show baru. Tapi kok, nggak ada sosok ini?

This product is Web variety show <SJ returns Season 3> FANSHIP product. worth of main episodes of <SJ returns Season 3> first released to members only ( For 6 weeks); SPOT LIVE of Super Junior members; Unofficial, behind-the- scenes.

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25 Okt 2019. Heechul dan Shindong Super Junior menjadi host untuk variety show web baru yang disebut "Legend Club: Heechul's Shindong PC Room" ("Heechul's Prodigal PC Room").

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2020/01/23 – 181202 "Super Show 7 in Japan" Super Junior.

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