The Wisdom Of Oscar Wilde

Walnut Street Theatre (WST) continues its 211th season with Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy, A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE. Directed by Walnut Producing Artistic Director Bernard Havard, the production.

One solution? Embrace the witty wisdom of Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde: Enjoy “everything in moderation, including moderation.”.

The play examines the life of Oscar Wilde in two key points – immediately following his trial for gross indecency with his young mate, Bosie (Charlie Rowe) – and later in Naples following Wilde’s.

The Cambridge Companion to Oscar Wilde; an announcement of The Wit and Wisdom of Oscar Wilde edited by Stephen Calloway, owner of ‘the most complete set of Oscar Wilde first editions in private.

Marked by both the narrow discrimination of the aesthete and the capacious cultural appetite of the romantic, Walter Pater’s.

Oscar Wilde “Have something to say and say it clearly. they will condense into ideas: Capsules of lesson, wisdom, inspiration, and principles of life. Offer these and you meet their need.

He offers Porter definitive wisdom about making musicals. His letters to his lovers are in the same register as those of the Oscar Wilde–Robbie Ross circle in London a few decades earlier.

The dorms of collegiate writers are peppered with writing advice, usually from the likes of Ira Glass or Oscar Wilde. The really esoteric ones go for Anne Lamott. But, having the wisdom of 20.

The Trials of Oscar Wilde is supported by Arts Council England (through the grants for the arts scheme) and by Unity Theatre Trust, in association with Stonewall. European Arts Company is a.

The Tectonic Theater Project just presented its star-studded one-night-only special benefit reading of Moisés Kaufman’s GROSS INDECENCY: THE THREE TRIALS OF OSCAR WILDE, the award-winning play.

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Oscar Wilde captured my point thus. My take on Oscar’s wisdom is that you learn most by experiencing things yourself. There is no substitute in the world for getting out there, getting.

This time it’s Oscar Wilde who is the inspiration for another gloriously silly collaboration under the Lyric’s outgoing artistic director David Farr. Popular wisdom has it that Stephen Fry has a.

Taking liberty with an Oscar Wilde quote, men watch because they are tired; women, because they are curious: both are disappointed. The prospect of further disappointment, especially with those.

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Bursting with innovative and thoughtfully written prose that challenges Oscar Wilde’s original work, Szereto’s imaginative take on the very much alive afterlife of Dorian Gray supplements his main.

We know Oscar Wilde finagled a two-hour meeting with Whitman in 1882. I find it the most extraordinary piece of wit &.

The story is brought to life throughout every aspect of the experience; almost as if you are one of Oscar Wilde’s guests and you have come to have tea with characters themselves. To escape the.

Anyone who takes Oscar Wilde’s view that life imitates art—as expressed in his 1891 essay The Decay of Lying—will find food for thought in Impressionism, written by American writer/producer.

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Oscar Wilde warned us long ago about consistency and not long ago. Happily, Clare Shine seems to have taken a shortcut to.

In our new look at Wilde’s iconic play we have added many new flavours through both the casting and the direction. Oscar Wilde was an immigrant, but he didn’t tell stories of immigrants.

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As we celebrate again this year some of the converts who have entered the Church over the centuries, the words of wisdom ascribed. Dutch Schultz and Oscar Wilde. Both were rather infamous.